Forthcoming meetings

In accordance with Government instructions, all meetings are cancelled. The Council is now allowed to hold its meetings remotely.

The Parish Council would normally meet at 7pm in the Millennium Hall on the first Tuesday of every month. It will continue to meet monthly but times and dates are subject to change.

The agenda for each meeting will be published here and on the village noticeboards during the week before each scheduled meeting.




March 2021

To be held online at 6.30 pm on Tuesday 2nd March 2021 for Private Meeting of Parish Councillors only to discuss item 1

To be held online at 7.00 pm on Tuesday 2nd March 2021

 Councillors are summoned to attend. The Council is making every effort to include the public in its meetings – any member of the public wishing to attend should contact the Clerk for details.

  1. Clerk Appointment – To discuss the appointment of the new clerk in closed session – Cllrs Feist and Spencer to be excluded


  1. Apologies:To accept apologies for absence


  1. Declarations:To receive declarations of interest and consider any written applications for dispensations


  1. Resignation:Stephen Strange has resigned as a Parish Councillor due to health issues. Subject to the outcome of item 1 to accept the resignation of Cllr Alison Feist. Process for replacements to be started


  1. Minutes of previous meeting: – to consider amended minutes of the meetings held on:


  • 5th January 2021, draft minutes
  • 2nd February 2021
  • 16th February 2021.


  1. Public participation session: –
    • Ward Report – Cllr Durkin
    • To receive representations from the public (15 minutes allowed with a maximum of 3 minutes per person)


  1. Traffic Calming project: –


  • Update from Cllr Spencer.
  • To consider agreeing to the Memorandum of Understanding from the B4221 Strategy Group


  1. Balfour BeattyReports – update from Ward Cllr Barry Durkin regarding:-
    • Grit Bins proposal document
    • Sewerage and Bill issue at Powell Croft
    • Drains and Gullies proposal document
    • Riparian Rights proposal document
    • Ditch and Grip Proposal document – to be issued prior to meeting
    • £341,000 Lengthsman Grant – HC refusal to allow additional payment
    • Update on broadband provision in the Parish
    • S106 for Planning Applications
    • Planning applications – Update regarding issues for delay in posting comments after a closing date.


  1. Land at Upton Crews Update from Clerk – land valuation


  1. Planning: – to consider comments on application for determination by Herefordshire Council
    • Castle Farm – concerns that 2 applications are with HC and PC not asked to comment.
    • Review concerns about retrospective planning, consider draft letter – Mike Robins
    • Review concerns about land development proposals, consider draft letter – Mike Robins


  1. Website – Review and approve need to agree moving from UK2.


  1. HALC – Discuss HALC renewal prior to approving payment.


  1. SLCC (Society of Local Council Clerks) – Discuss membership of SLCC – Professional body for Parish Clerks – benefits and Clerk professional qualification training



  1. Finance: –
    • Budget
      • To receive monthly financial report
      • To receive monthly bank reconciliation
      • PC to consider how the money saved can be used within the Parish any suggestion from Councillors as discussed in December 2020 meeting
      • Approve Budget for 21/22


  • Auditor – Auditor was appointed; however, the fee has increased – approval to increased fee of £100.


  • To approve the payments to:
    • Lengthsman £264.20
    • NDP consultancy fee £2100 for Call for Sites.
    • Approve Data Protection Licence £40
    • Approval of clerk’s expenses for £60.08 (inc. costs previously approved for laptop upgrade)
    • Approve costs for moving from UK2 – £96 pa (UK2 currently £115)
    • Approve £16.19 for domain name renewal (may not be required)
    • Approve HALC Fees – £523.91 inc. VAT
    • Approve SLCC costs and training for Clerk
      • Membership – £221 no VAT
      • Training – 4 days – £340 plus VAT (recoverable)
      • Qualification Fee – £410 no VAT
    • Approve HMRC payment for £30.00 for land registry


  1. NDPCall for sites report has been distributed for comments, discuss next step. NDP meeting has been arranged for 4th March 2021.


  1. Emergency Plan-
    • Discuss EP volunteers to allow group to commence work.
    • Sand bin update


  1. Standing Orders –
    • Policy needed for claiming Chairman expenses.
    • Standing Orders and Financial Regulations are due for review – volunteers required


  1. Lengthsman –
    • Putting out tender for this year – we are still awaiting a tender document from HALC but need approval to proceed.
    • Lengthsman Contract – discuss suggestion by HALC that we amend the Contract to state Parish Maintenance Contract
    • Lengthsman working on the B Roads, discuss options and payment
    • Lengthsman still has 3 spare days to be used in March


  1. Footpath update –
    • Update from Andy Parr
    • Review of stile installation at Tanhouse

  1. Process for inviting Public to Parish Council Meeting – discuss proposal from HALC – determine if change required


  1. Next meeting: – Tuesday 6th April 2021 7.00pm Anyone wishing to join the virtual meeting,


Please send email to for joining instructions



Signed             Alison Feist                                                                        Temp Clerk to The Council  24th February 2021


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