The Upton Bishop Allotments at Pomona Grove have come through their first ‘breaking the ground’ season and brought in a respectable (and tasty!) traditional harvest of spuds, peas, beans with more besides, in spite of the battle against weather, weeds and wildlife. Many of the plot holders say how addictive their visits to the site have become, and now they are planning next year’s flowers, fruit and veg!

There are ten plots, some with extra growing space, and occupancy is currently at 100% with a waiting list of prospective tenants.

If anyone likes the idea of allotmenteering in Upton Bishop, they can contact Chris Clements (Secretary) on 01989 780788 or email  Preference will ordinarily be given to applicants from the parish.

Thanks to a generous award from the Monmouthshire Building Society Charitable Foundation, the Upton Bishop Allotments has a significant upgrade to their facilities a constant-level water trough – otherwise known as a ‘dip tank’ – which in dry periods (when rainwater butts are empty) will allow plot holders to fill their watering cans without queuing, and continue to efficiently irrigate their crops.

The MBS Charitable Foundation, which is independent of the Society and is run by a Board of Trustees who give their time voluntarily, was launched in 2000 and since then it has given grants to over three hundred local organizations and charities such as youth groups, the hospice movement, support groups, sports groups and many others. The Upton Bishop Allotment grant was awarded in the ‘Environment’ category.

The Foundation welcomes applications from organizations from all walks of life – go to to find out more.  Upton Bishop allotmenteers are very glad that they did!