Financial Matters


The Council is funded by an annual payment or precept from the County Council. A parish council must prepare a budget for each year which will cover all necessary expenditure and ask the County Council for this money in the form of the precept. This precept is collected by the County via the council tax and paid to parish councils in two six-monthly sums.

2020/21 financial reports

First draft budget 2020/21

2019/20 financial reports

Income and expenditure account

Bank reconciliation

Budget 2019/20

Internal audit response

2018/19 Accounts

Accounting Statements 2018-19

Explanation of variances

Bank Reconciliation

Annual Governance Statement

Annual Internal Audit Report

Internal Audit Report

Certificate of Exemption

Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Annual Governance and Accountability Return (Exempt Authority)


2017/18 Accounts

Accounting statement 2018

Bank reconciliation