Upton Bishop Neighbourhood Development Plan

Open Day – November 10th

Come and share your views and have your say on the community.  Give us your thoughts and ideas on what is important and how the Parish should develop to accommodate at least 26 new properties.

This is our best opportunity to shape the village for the future and it affects every one of us.  Please make sure you attend to share your thoughts and questions about what is good or could be better,

The Open Day will be in the Millennium Hall from 10am to 3pm and there will be free refreshments.

Monthly Update No 3
Brian Spencer, Chair – email uptonndp@gmail.com

The NDP Steering Group met on 16th August. Since the last meeting, our finance submission has been finalised
and is due for approval any day and this means that the Consultant we have appointed can start work in
earnest working towards the Public Meeting date that is now confirmed as the 10th November.

It is vital that we get as many Parishioners at the meeting as possible. It will run from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm in
the Millennium Hall and it will be your chance to come and give us your ideas about how Upton Bishop should
develop. Whilst the NDP must deliver proposals for at least 26 new dwellings, the meeting will be about every
aspect of village life and will consider all of the following plus anything else you tell us we need to consider;

1. Village demographics
2. Environment
3. Heritage
4. Historical Interest
5. Housing
6. Economy
7. Employment
8. Roads
9. Transport
10. Community Services
11. Utilities and Infrastructure
12. Green space and play areas

The final report will also need to contain a strong Visionary Statement to give a clear message about the things
that are important to the villagers of Upton Bishop. We can only do this if you come and tell us what you want
it to say. There will be display boards and maps for you to view and add your comments and questions to.
Members of the Steering Group will be in attendance to discuss our own thoughts on what is important for the
Parish. Please make sure you attend and bring as many of your family and neighbours with you as possible. It is
vital that we get your views, questions and comments to make sure we produce a strong, robust and all encompassing
document for submission to Hereford Council that will get approval of everyone in the Parish.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you believe that you could contribute to the work in any way.



Monthly Update No 2

The NDP Steering Group met on 18th July. In the weeks since the first meeting we have all been trying to digest the mass of information that we need to understand. At the heart of this is the Local Plan Core Strategy which is the primary document we must address. Our contact from the Council attended the meeting to answer our many questions and we are starting to develop a clear vision of what we need to achieve. What follows is a brief summary of what will be happening in the coming months.

Our first task has been to apply for funding from the Council and then appoint a Consultant who will help us through the process. The criterion for selection was based on a list of appropriate companies supplied to us and six were selected. Three companies offered to undertake the work and after considering the content of their submissions and their cost effectiveness, we made a final selection.  We have provisionally agreed with them that we will work towards holding our first Public Meeting on the 10th November (to be confirmed next month) at the Millennium Hall. This will be an opportunity for everyone in the village to come and see what work we have completed and have an input into what they see as the important issues. I urge everyone in the Parish to come as this will affect us all. The Parish must accommodate the building of at least 26 new properties and we need the community to assist by having their say at this event. Doing nothing is not an option as far as we are concerned. This will be followed by a questionnaire early in 2019 which will be delivered by hand to every household and collected through drop boxes or by hand.

The information will all be compiled into a draft document that will be shared with the Parish at a second meeting, probably in the middle of next year. This should reflect the input from all sources of information and eventually form the submission to Herefordshire Council. The Parish will get a final vote on its acceptance.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you believe that you could contribute to the work in any way. We will be looking at every aspect of the Parish so any information you have could be helpful.

Brian Spencer, Chair – email uptonndp@gmail.com


Monthly Update No 1

On 14th June, the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Steering Group met for the first time. The group reports directly to the Parish Council through two Council members and is made up of a total of nine volunteers. It has been set up because the Parish Council has opted to nominate the Parish as a Neighbourhood Plan Area under the Localism Act of 2011.

The purpose of an NDP is to allow us, the Parish, to identify and recommend where and what type of development should happen in our parish. This includes how to incorporate a minimum of a further 26 dwellings by 2031 as required by the Herefordshire Local Plan – Core Strategy. This is expected to take 18-24 months and involves a lot of work. It will be done with support from Herefordshire Council, together with planning consultants that the Steering Group will engage for the process.

Input from parishioners will be key to the success of the NDP to enable the Group to maintain the quality of life of everyone in the parish while embracing the need for development. The Group is made up of all local people who are very sensitive to the need to maintain the quality of life of everyone in the Parish while embracing the need to develop new housing.

Over the coming months there will be a questionnaire posted to every household, consultation meetings and other opportunities for everyone to have an input. For now, we are just trying to absorb the enormous amount of information we need to take on board. There will be a monthly update in The Chimes as well as on the UB Facebook page and website, and I urge you to sign up to them.

I have created an email address (uptonndp@gmail.com) which, for now, I would appreciate be used for sending offers of help. It is far too early for us to start answering questions. The help needed will be varied, ranging across specialist areas such as environment, utilities and services, transport and agriculture to name a few. As the project evolves I am sure we will need some extra hands just to help out so if you can spare a few hours please let me know.

In the meantime I will endeavour to keep everyone in the Parish up to date with the progress of our work. I know everyone on the Group is committed to giving maximum effort to achieve the best result we can.

Brian Spencer, Chair