St John the Baptist Church and its churchyard are full of treasures.  Some of these are obvious and some are hidden away but they belong to all of us as the church is part of our community.  It is the oldest building in the village and it is open every day during daylight hours and anyone can wander in to have a look around.  To encourage people to take a look at the church we are identifying  a different treasure every month for people to enjoy.


Snowdrops – a sure sign Spring is on its way

This month’s treasure is the wonderful display of snowdrops.  Why not pay a visit to the churchyard and walk around to admire the wonderful display.  They are splendid and a visible sign that Spring is on its way.

Please take a photo of the snowdrops while you are there and post it on our Facebook page.  The web editor’s favourite snowdrop picture will receive a small prize and each one will be posted on here.