The Parish Council normally meets at 7pm in the Millennium Hall on the first Tuesday of every month.

The agenda for each meeting will be published here and on the village noticeboards during the week before each scheduled meeting.



7.00 pm on Tuesday 20th July 2021


 Councillors are summoned to attend. The Council is making every effort to include the public in its meetings – any member of the public wishing to attend should contact the Clerk for details.

  1. Apologies:To accept apologies for absence
  1. Declarations:To receive declarations of interest and consider any written applications for dispensations
  1. New Councillors:Appointment of two new Councillors
  1. Minutes of previous meeting: – to consider amended minutes of the meetings held on:
  • 4th May 2021
  1. Public participation session: –
    • Ward Report – Cllr Durkin
    • Hedges at Tan House
    • Phocle Green, road collapsing
  2. To receive representations from the public (15 minutes allowed with a maximum of 3 minutes per person)
  3. Free Trees for Schools & Community –  for Queen’s Green Canopy campaign
  4. Millennium Hall
    • Appointment of Councillor onto Hall Committee
    • Discussion re PC Trustees of Hall
  1. Traffic Calming project: –
    • Update from Cllr Spencer.
  1. Balfour Beatty Reports – update regarding: –
    • Grit Bins proposal document
    • Sewerage and Bill issue at Powell Croft
    • Drains and Gullies proposal document
    • Riparian Rights proposal document
    • Ditch and Grip Proposal document – to be discussed at meeting
    • Upton Crews Spring Water report – response from Balfour Beatty to be discussed
    • Pothole report to be discussed
    • Balfour Beatty Parish Council Meeting – to be discussed
  1. Land at Upton Crews Update from Clerk 
  1. Planning: – to consider comments on application for determination by Herefordshire Council
    • P212462/F Heatherfield House Proposed change of use of agricultural land to domestic
    • P211926/F Lodge Hartleton Farm – demolition of existing toilet and replace dilapidated lodge with new one
    • Leeward House – Environmental Agency reports
  1. Website – update 
  1. Finance: –
    • Budget
      • To receive monthly financial report
      • To receive monthly bank reconciliation
      • Consider proposal as part of Lengthsman Tender to include a lump sum for grip and ditch reinstatement
  • To approve the payments to:
    • Lengthsman £288.00
    • NDP consultancy fee £360 (Payment was approved in May 2021 for stage payments
    • Helen Geach £45
  1. NDPUpdate from Cllr Spencer.
  1. Emergency Plan-
    • Update from Mark Rusby
  1. Standing Orders –
    • Standing Orders and Financial Regulations are due for review
  1. Lengthsman –
    • Tender update
  1. Footpath update –
    • Update from Andy Parr
  1. 18. Next meeting: – Tuesday 3rd August 2021 7.00pm Ordinary Meeting of Parish Council.

Any queries, Please send email to


Signed             Alison Feist                                                                        Parish Clerk to The Council 15th July  2021

July 20th – Agenda

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