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The Chimes is the parish magazine for the villages of Aston Ingham, Linton, Upton Bishop, Lea and Gorsley.  It is delivered at the beginning of the month ten times a year by volunteers (December/January and July/August) are joint issues.  It is also available at

The sub editor for Upton Bishop is Olivia Boon and she can be contacted on 01989 780321 or by email

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November 2021

September’s Rainfall report by Rob the Rainman


The first autumnal month saw a total of 66.8mm which is about the average. Although the first couple of days were dull, September then had a go at making up for August as it improved. There was a mini heat wave from the 5th to the 7th with temperatures in the high 20s. Admittedly this broke with three days of rain, 11.3mm on the 9th, but pleasant weather returned and continued for the next two weeks with just a brief rainy glitch on the 13th. We had some lovely sunny days and temperatures in the low 20s. However, it then remembered it was actually an autumn month and the last week saw some real autumnal weather with gusty, heavy showers and more prolonged periods of rain with 10.3mm on the 26th and 25.2mm on the 28th. This was often accompanied by windy conditions which at times were quite fresh.

Village News

Millennium Hall – to book the hall ring Jane Pendlebury on 01989 780763

What’s on at the Millennium Hall – For all information on events and classes, dates, times etc please check this out in the Chimes Directory.  All subject to current government guidelines.

200 CLUB – Draw for:

October – £20 Ann Sharland – £10 H & J Fields- £5 Sally Clive

WEDDING – Congratulations to Maurice Harper and Gill Eckley who recently got married.

Welcome – A very warm welcome to Moira Please who has recently moved into the area.  Also a belated welcome to Mr and Mrs Whittaker who are living at Hilltop.

W.I. – The next meeting will be on Tuesday 9th November at 7.30 in the Millennium Hall starting at 7.30 p.m. This will be a social evening with a bring and buy stall and Viv’s preserves.   For further information contact Clare Bell the secretary on 01989 780283.

October 2021

August’s Rainfall report by Rob the Rainman

The final month of summer saw a total of 40.1mm which is about 70% of the average. Most came in the first half of the month with 12.9mm on the 2nd from thundery showers and 9.1mm on the 5th. Not wet every day but from the 16th it was dry except for a wet couple of days on the 20th and 21st. Quite a dull month even when dry, sunshine being at a premium. Sometimes it would make an appearance at some time during the day but often it stayed cloudy and overcast. The Bank Holiday weekend was typical: Saturday it appeared from mid afternoon onwards; Sunday it was around most of the day whilst on Monday it didn’t make an appearance at all. The total rainfall for the summer was 151.8mm which is just about average, the wetter July making up for the drier months of June and August. And as for the verdict on the summer; uninspiring.

Village News

What’s on at the Millennium Hall – For all information on events and classes, dates, times etc please check this out in the Chimes Directory.  All subject to current government guidelines.

200 CLUB – Draw for:

September – £20 Martin Pendlebury – £10 Tony Chudziak- £5 Steve & Sue Tommey

Welcome – A very warm welcome to Graham and Sylvia Sexton who have recently moved to Crow Hill.

W.I. – The next meeting will be on Tuesday 12th October at 7.30 in the Millennium Hall starting at 7.30 p.m. for a talk by Ruth Stott on her involvement with a national research project looking into a possible cure for dementia, entitled ‘Baby boomers could hold the key to dementia’. For further information contact Clare Bell the secretary on 01989 780283.

MILLENNIUM HALL – The AGM will be held at the hall on Monday 11th October at 8 p.m.  Anyone parishioners who would like to join the management committee, please could you contact Jane Fray the secretary on 780383 by the 4th October for your name to be included on the ballot paper.

September 2021


So to the first two summer months; June saw a total of 30.1mm which is only just about 60% of the average. The first half of the month was essentially dry and on the whole warm and sunny but as we moved into the second half it changed and we saw more days of rain and in the latter part this was coupled with some quite chilly and dismal weather, enough to see a couple of wood burners in the village fired up in the evening. So hopes for more summer fell to July to deliver. July was a wet one as the 81.6mm recorded was nearly 70% more than average. But it fell in two distinct periods with the first being the carryover of the June weather pattern with 42.2mm in the first 11 days. This was not summer weather but then there was a rumour that a heat wave was on its way and its source was not The Daily Express but The Met Office. The 12th to the 15th was a case of wait for it and then on the 16th it arrived and boy did it arrive. Daytime temperatures into the 30s and even by 11:00pm were still in the low 20s. Sadly it only lasted for a week before cloudy and cool weather returned and the second wet spell saw the month out. This was heralded by 16.8mm on the 27th which fell in a very short time courtesy of some lively thundery showers and another more prolonged accumulation of 16.1mm on the 29th. There was a forecast scare as named Storm Evert was said to be on the way with heavy rain and unseasonably strong winds but we were lucky as it didn’t move up to us. But the South Coast and South West weren’t as lucky and got a pounding. So, both June and July delivered some summer but both fell a bit short this year I feel.

July 2021

Village News

Millennium Hall – to book the hall ring Jane Pendlebury on 01989 780763

What’s on at the Millennium Hall – For all information on events and classes, dates, times etc please check this out in the Chimes Directory.  All subject to current government guidelines.

200 CLUB – Draw for:

June – £100 Les Tomlin – £20 Graham & Tracy Bell – £10 Alastair Stevenson – £5 Mark and Rebecca Tamplin

WELCOME –   A very warm welcome to Baylee and Deborah Hulls who have recently moved to the village.

Best wishes to Jane Ayres and Claire Newman for speedy recovery with their broken bones. To everyone who is not well at present following treatment and operations or feeling lonely during this challenging time we find ourselves in, but fingers crossed that there is light at the end of the tunnel for us all.

MILLENNIUM HALL – Due to the retirement of several committee members the hall committee is looking for new members, please see enclosed flyer.  For further information contact Jane Fray on 01989 780383.

May’s Rainfall Report by Rob the Rainman

May’s total was 145.5mm, almost 3 times the average for the month. The month started cold with a frost on the first but at last the April drought ended and on the 3rd we got 17.3mm. Unfortunately this was Bank Holiday Monday No 1 so it was a  washout but heyho, some welcome rain for farmers and gardeners – little did we know. A 3 day respite while April’s huge lump of high pressure drifted away completely allowing more rain bearing fronts to access us which they did with aplomb. Rain, rain and more rain from the 7th to the 24th; the 20th and 21st were of particular note with heavy rain accompanied by winter worthy high winds. And for the most part it was chilly – okay for April but not May. Finally, and rather grudgingly, on the 25th the rain relented and the weather started to warm up. Sunday 30th was a really lovely day as was Bank Holiday Monday No 2. Oh hang on no, until mid morning we were shrouded in mist and it was very chilly. Then it was a lovely day. But what a month, there was even a flood warning on The Wye, and to think that last year we had 2.9mm in total – go figure that. And what a spring; March was fairly March like although on the dry side and we even had a mini heat wave at the end; April was just ridiculous being sunny but very cold and very, very dry; while May was also ridiculous being chilly and very, very wet. But guess what, the total rainfall for spring was 183mm, not really that far off the average of 160mm. It just didn’t fall correctly. Finally I usually mention when I first hear the cuckoo in April. I didn’t forget as I didn’t hear it at all in April and had to wait until the 7th of May. I didn’t hear it again until the 27th when the rain stopped and the weather got warmer. Perhaps its call is muted by its sou’wester.

Village News

Millennium Hall – to book the hall ring Jane Pendlebury on 01989 780763

What’s on at the Millennium Hall – For all information on events and classes, dates, times etc please check this out in the Chimes Directory.  All subject to current government guidelines.

200 CLUB – Draw for:

May – £20 Annette Colwell – £10 Jeremy Bell – £5 Graham & Tracy Bell

Best wishes to everyone who is not well at present following treatment and operations or feeling lonely during this challenging time we find ourselves in, but fingers crossed that there is light at the end of the tunnel for us all.

June 2021

Rainfall Report by Rob the Rainman

April’s total was 14.7mm, about a quarter of the average expected. The March lamb went and, rather meanly I thought, took the unseasonable but lovely warm spell with him (or her). A dry start and Easter wasn’t too bad as after chilly and frosty mornings the days improved to be sunny and, on Easter Sunday, warm. That is until Easter Monday which was a very cold, dull day with a brisk northerly wind all the way from The Arctic. Snow showers on the 6th, waking up to a covering on the 7th and another covering on the 12th. So the little precipitation there was over this time was a mix of rain and snow. Then from the 12th to the 26th we had no rain at all due to a huge lump of a high pressure system sitting firmly over us. It continued to be chilly overnight often enough to result in a frost by morning. This was followed by mostly sunny days and therefore, if there was no wind, a warm afternoon. We were heading for a ridiculously dry April until some rescue was provided by 9.5mm of cold rain over the 27th and 28th and, just to keep the cold theme to the end, the 30th saw a fierce hail shower to see the month out. What a weird Aprils worth of weather it was: one of the driest on record and two new records; the sunniest April on record and the most frosts recorded in April on record.

Village News

Millennium Hall – to book the hall ring Jane Pendlebury on 01989 780763

What’s on at the Millennium Hall – For all information on events and classes, dates, times etc please check this out in the Chimes Directory.  All subject to current government guidelines.

Website –

200 CLUB – Draw for:

April – £20 Hazel Stanier – £10 Jeanette Robinson – £5 Maurice Harper

Best wishes to everyone who is not well at present following treatment and operations or feeling lonely during this challenging time we find ourselves in.

WELCOME – A very warm welcome to Alex and Anna who have moved to Phocle Green, Ross and Helen to The Crews, and Graham and Maria Simmons to Hilltop.

Also very best wishes to Marjorie Jarvis who has lived for many years in Upton Bishop and has now moved to Kempley.

Upton Bishop WI is delighted to announce that we plan to meet up for a picnic at the Millennium Hall on Tuesday 13 July at 3pm. Please do not forget to bring your own chair, drink, and snack. We shall use the hall if the weather is inclement. Our usual meetings will resume on Tuesday 14th September at 7.30pm. and then monthly on the second Tuesday of the month as usual (except for August). Visitors will be most welcome, please make yourself known on arrival to enable us to look after you.  The above plans are subject to Covid and Government restrictions. Tel: Clare Bell (Sec) or Jane Pendlebury (President)  for further information.

The church is now open for all services. The pews are cleaned before and after services and seating allows for social distancing. Please wear a mask. All are very welcome.
1st Sunday 10.30 Family Service with Communion
2nd Sunday 10.30 Benefice Zoom
3rd Sunday 10.30 Communion
4th Sunday 10.30 All Age Worship
Evensong is said every Tuesday at 5.30 p.m. A quiet and peaceful way to end your day.

The whole country was sad to hear of the death of HRH Duke of Edinburgh. Those who live near the church may have heard Olivia ringing a muffled 99 chimes to mark his passing and seen the flag flying at half-mast. Special prayers were said for the Duke, her Majesty the Queen, and members of the Royal Family.

Easter morning found the early risers amongst us out in the dark and cold, listening to the stories of Creation through to Ezekiel and the dry bones. As the sun rose and the birds began their dawn chorus, David lit our new Easter candle, and we went into the warm church to celebrate the resurrection of Christ with the first communion of the day.

Many thanks to all the readers who brought the Bible passages to life for us, and everyone who cleaned and decorated the church. It looked absolutely beautiful. At 10.30 we were back for a simple but uplifting family service. Those in Easter bonnets then hopped off to the church yard to see if the bunny had left any eggs.


2nd May – Annual Parochial Church Meeting after morning service in the churchyard -inside if cold or wet. This is your chance to hear our plans for the year and have your say about how you would like us to run your church. The post of secretary to the PCC is vacant. If anyone feels that they can help with taking minutes and answering correspondence, please let us know.
Christian Aid Week – 10th – 16th May
Doreen will be selling plants from outside her house at for 2 weeks from May 2nd. If you have plants to donate, please ring her to arrange dropping off.

June 5th-13th Churches  COUNT ON NATURE WEEK.
There are over 20,000 burial grounds in England and Wales ranging from small mediaeval church yards to large Victorian city cemeteries. Burial grounds can be remnants of the landscape that once surrounded them, home to plants animals and insects now rare in our wider countryside. In urban areas they can be havens for wildlife peaceful spaces for people and provide essential green space in built up areas. They also encapsulate the history of communities tell us about the lives of those who lived here before us. Churches Count on Nature is a joint initiative promoted by Caring for God’s Acre, A Rocha UK, the Church of England, and the Church in Wales. During a week in June, it brings local people together to discover the wildlife in their local church yard, recording the species they find, combining their results with others which will be collated on the National Biodiversity Network , a nationwide database of wildlife in the UK. At Upton Bishop we will be carrying out a survey of wildlife in our churchyard and we need your help. Anyone can record plants, bugs, birds, and animals during the week. Bring a picnic and make an afternoon of it or come as it gets dark and see if you can spot our resident bats. There will be sheets available to record your findings and people around to help you see what to look out for. More details from Jane click here to contact

St John the Baptist Patronal Festival June 26-27th
Following on from our week in the churchyard, our patronal festival of St John the Baptist on June 26th, coincides with the ending of Covid lockdown rules and we can really get together again. We will be celebrating with a Festival of Johns which will include among other things, a Big John Quiz, games, walk through drama, and afternoon tea in the churchyard. Inside will be a flower festival and exhibitions featuring our favourite Upton Bishop Johns. If you are regular visitor or have never been to the church before, you are all welcome to come and join the fun. Everything is free of charge, but as always, donations are very welcome. If anyone in your family would like to take part in the Walk-Through Drama, please get in touch with Jane as soon as possible. It was great fun at Christmas. Young or old, there is no age limit.


All the usual stalls and refreshments in the Millennium Hall. If you’d like to help, get in touch with Olivia

Take a photo, paint a picture, write a poem, or create a collage – anything goes.  Just enter something creative to do with nature that you have found in the church yard. Three categories, 8 and under, 9-16, and Adult. Entries will be displayed, and prizes awarded at the fete.

Please note that the date for this concert has changed.

Are you a flower arranger? We would love to have more people helping with flowers for the church, either on a regular basis or for special occasions. Get in touch with Jane if you would like to get involved.


Complete Minutes and Agenda of all meetings are published on the website:  as well as news on events, meetings, consultations, etc. that Parishioners may be interested in, or in attending. Contact details for the temporary clerk Alison Feist

Help Urgently Needed
• Applications for 2 Councillors—apply before 3rd May
• Assistance with our Emergency Plan – volunteers needed
across the Parish to help create and manage a plan to
help local people during emergencies such as flooding
• Parish Maintenance Contract—The Parish Council invites
tenders from interested parties to fulfil this position.
Tenders are now open and will close on 31st May.
Please contact Alison Feist about any of the above at

Rainfall Report by Rob the Rainman

March’s total was 22.9mm making it quite a dry March as this is just under half the average expected. The month sneaked in under cover of low, dark cloud, mist and murk. The 7th was noted as a “nice” day before a trainee lion turned up late with a spell of rain accompanied by quite a blustery wind. This period gave 17.1mm of rain – 75% of the total for the month. Dry then from the 13th to the 24th with pretty much standard March days, some okay and some not so okay. The 25th and 26th saw a bit of rain and it was noted that it was cold on the 26th and some of this came down as hail. Then the lamb made his (her) appearance just in time to see the month out and what a lovely lamb indeed as the last days were sunny and the temperatures soared up to the giddy heights of the mid 20s as it got warm, warmer and finally hot and it was bliss.

April 2021

Village News

Millennium Hall – to book the hall ring Jane Pendlebury on 01989 780763

What’s on at the Millennium Hall – For all information on events and classes, dates, times etc please check this out in the Chimes Directory.  All subject to current government guidelines.

200 CLUB – Draw for:

March – £20 Mark & Rose Savidge – £10 Geoff & Angie Walker – £5 Alison Bennion

Best wishes to Valerie Cornwall following her fall and to everyone who is not well at present or feeling lonely during this challenging time we find ourselves in.

Rainfall report by Rob the Rainman

February’s total was 54.1mm which is about the average for the month. The month split into two spells of rainy and two, very different, spells of dry weather. The first rainy spell started the month off until the 7th saw the weather turn dry but very, very cold. Daytime temperatures hovered around zero and, on those days with the brisk very cold wind, never got above it. The 9th and 10th saw the wind die down and they were sunny wintry days. The 14th saw this very cold snap end as milder and wetter weather returned with the 19th to the 21st seeing 23.3mm. The 24th saw the start of the second dry spell, starting off windy but then moving on to give a lovely mild and sunny end to the month.

This winter, like the last one, was again a wet one with a similar amount of rain at just over 300mm. The difference was that it followed a relatively normal autumn whereas last winter followed on a very wet one. Still, enough for flooding; locally following the 51mm on the afternoon and evening of 23rd December; then from high river levels in January following Storm Christophe and the very wet spell over the 27th to the 30th; and again in some of the same areas after the February rain on the 19th to the 21st. December was by far the wettest month, both January and February just seemed so with little additional rain needed to turn the ground boggy and the lanes run again with surface water. But we did have some old fashioned cold winter weather too in January and February; frosty, bitter at times but also lovely sunny, wintry days. And some white stuff although not enough to get very excited about.     

March 2021

Rainfall report by Rob the Rainman

The total rainfall in January was 94.8mm, about 25% more than average although it seemed much wetter. It was actually a mix of a winter month. There were cold spells (with some very chilly winds) and milder spells. We had snow on the 2nd and 8th, albeit not much and quite wet, and we awoke to some more substantial snow on the 24th, enough for a (small) snowman with a bit of effort. And a sprinkling of those winter days which are a real delight with frosty starts and calm days of blue skies and sunshine and some lovely sunsets. The 7th was of particular note as the overnight conditions resulted in a hoar frost so that everything sparkled in the morning sun. But back to the rain; only small amounts until the 19th and 20th saw Storm Christophe blow in resulting in 27mm which was bad enough but much more fell in the Welsh hills resulting in once again high river levels and flooding of property and houses for the second winter in a row. A brief respite before another very wet spell over the 27th to the 30th resulted in a total of 46.4mm.

Village News

Millennium Hall – to book the hall ring Jane Pendlebury on 01989 780763

What’s on at the Millennium Hall – For all information on events and classes, dates, times etc please check this out in the Chimes Directory.  All subject to current government guidelines.

Website –

200 CLUB – Draw for:

February – £20 Clive and Wendy Beavan – £10 Alan Davis – £5 Godfrey Farr

BABY CONGRATULATIONS to Luke and Martha Young on the safe arrival of Sonny.

Best wishes to Mary Osborn following her recent fall and to everyone who is not well at present or feeling lonely during this challenging time we find ourselves in.

February 2021

Village News

Millennium Hall – to book the hall ring Jane Pendlebury on 01989 780763

What’s on at the Millennium Hall – For all information on events and classes, dates, times etc please check this out in the Chimes Directory.  All subject to current government guidelines.

Website –

200 CLUB – Draw for:

December – £20 Tony Crosbie – £10 Ann Sharland – £5 Alan Tandy

January – Susan Gubbay – £10 Jane Ayers – £5 Claire & Paul Newman

Sympathy – Our thoughts and sympathy go to Jake and Rupert Simpson and their families on the loss of their Dad Robert, who will be remembered for many things including for his generosity and kindness.

Best wishes to those of you who have had the misfortune to have had your homes flooded recently and to everyone who is not well at present or feeling lonely during this challenging time we find ourselves in.

WELCOME – A very warm welcome to Michael and Katie Wallace who have moved into the Crow Hill area and Melissa and Lloyd and Alison and family who have recently come to live at The Pastures.

THE UPTON BISHOP CAKES FOR CHRISTMAS – A very big thank you to the bakers and buyers of the bake off, just over £200 was raised for church funds.

THE COVID CHEER TREE – The tree this year looked very festive with so many more people taking part.  Thank you for all the lovely comments, it has brought a bit of cheer to a gloomy period we all find ourselves in.      Jane


Robert Simpson H.A.P.

Photograph of Bob Simpson standing amidst his cherry treesDied after a full life and short illness on the 8th December aged 72. Greatly missed by his partner Liz, his sons Jake and Rupert and his grandchildren Rosie, Fiona, George and Oliver.

Fruit Farmer and founder of Chicory Crops Ltd in 1971, keen aviator, old car enthusiast, longstanding member of VCC and VSCC.  Practical supporter of Dymock C.C. and Newent R.F.C.

Nothing Robert did was normal :-

He was the pioneer in the production of chicory, strawberries, raspberries, apples and cherries and very proud of his direct relationship with M&S and Waitrose.  The passion for horticulture came from his father who came to the area to manage Castle Fruit Farm (now Bentleys) and then starting Boulsdon PYO after the war.

He had a passion for flying which came from his father who was a navigator in Swordfish Torpedo Bombers in W.W.2.  They were some of the first people to take up hang gliding in the U.K. with frequent medical consequences.  Hobbies in his earlier life were also pot holing and canal tunnel exploration and in later life were flying where he would often be seen flying high above Herefordshire countryside.  He built his first microlight and had a very keen interest in vintage and veteran cars, travel and very old clocks.  In his retirement he was busy with old cars, always in his workshop tinkering.

He had a particular fondness for South Africa where his sister Kate lives.  The last trip with Liz involved buying a land cruiser and driving around the countries in Southern Africa with a sticker on the side saying ‘Old Farts Safari 2017’.

He was in the process of mounting a 2 stroke engine that he bought from the internet onto a bicycle to prove to a man with a battery powered e-bike that engines are always better.

He took a very active role as a grandad, affectionately known as Robrob to his grandchildren.

An extraordinary man.

 Rainfall Report by Rob the Rainman

November: 47.8mm which was 30% less than average but only 9 days had no rainfall recorded, with small amounts for the remainder. An uninspiring month with only the 24th noted as a lovely autumnal day. Warm though, in fact the 6th warmest November since records began in 1884. That is until the 25th onwards when we had frost, fog and a combination of both as the month came to a close.  A total of 203mm for the autumn period which is just under the average, largely due to a relatively dry and pleasant September. Both October (wetter than average) and November were rather dull.  December: 164.5mm making it a very wet one at well over twice the average. The 1st was a lovely day but from then on rain was recorded each day although there were sporadic nice, wintry periods, at least during the short daylight hours. Then on the 23rd the rain upped the ante with 51mm pouring down causing widespread problems for both home and car owners. It relented on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day started frosty and was very seasonal. Boxing Day started the same but as the day wore on the wind got stronger until it was blowing a real hooly overnight accompanied by 19mm of rain – Storm Bella. Snow on the hills but for us only sleet/wet snow on the following couple of days. Then the frost returned and New Years Eve was a repeat of Christmas Day.

So, the year: total rainfall 895mm, 20% up on the average. It was an odd year (of weather I’m talking about), with firstly Storm Dennis in February with all the record river levels and subsequent chaos and traumatic trouble that brought. This was followed by an increasingly dry spring from mid March culminating in a very dry May. After the spring we had high hopes for summer but we got a real mix of hot (very hot) and cold spells, unsettled weather with some torrential downpours and thunderstorms and some really windy days, especially those in August. The most rain fell in December, followed by February with both August and October not far behind. And of course May was essentially dry – how weird (again I’m talking about the weather) was that month.

A Happy and Better New Year to you all.


We are lucky that we live in a beautiful area to walk dogs, however, we are receiving an increasing number of reports of owners not clearing up after their dogs. If you take your dog out then it is not unreasonable to expect that it might need to do its business, so be a decent, responsible dog owner, do the right thing and clear up.  Please, if you take you dog out, do not leave the house without your poo bags and clean up after them. We have had reports of problems in Pomona Grove by the allotment entrance/orchard, public footpaths, particularly the one opposite the old phone box in Crow Hill, the pull in on the left hand side on the Bromsash road on the double bend, and more concerning are the reports of mess found on grave stones at the church.

Please be responsible for your dogs and take the poo bags home.

November 2021

Olivia Boon Retires as Churchwarden – Standing on the shoulders of giants …….a post from Jane Ayres

This month, as I take up my appointment as new church warden at Upton Bishop, I would like to thank my predecessor Olivia Boon for all the incredible work she has done over the last nine years.
When I looked up the responsibilities of church warden, I noticed that six years is the maximum term allowed, unless there were exceptional circumstances. In 2017, there was nobody available to take on the role so Olivia just carried on without complaint for an extra three years. With ’can do’ positivity, she has quietly organised the smooth running our church life, with most of us hardly noticing all the little things that need to be done.
Where’s the key to this cupboard? What happened to that booklet? Olivia will know. She’s the ‘go to’ person for broken heating, finding a gravestone or dealing with a swarm of bees. She has been a great support to our clergy. She knows everyone…who is sick, who needs help and who can help us.
Olivia and her fund-raising team have brought us everything from barn dances to murder mysteries plus many, many Summer fetes and Christmas Fayres. Those of us who have worked with her on these projects have found her enthusiasm infectious.
It is because of Olivia’s efforts, that not only have we been able to pay our considerable running costs each year, but the tower and bells have been repaired and the organ refurbished.
During the Covid lockdown, the whole village was grateful for her daily emails keeping us all in touch, coordinating information and offers of help in the parish.
I’m pleased to say that Olivia is not leaving the PCC. She will continue to organise fund raising and remain a stalwart friend of the church.
Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for the Parish, Olivia. The church is in good order thanks to you. I hope to continue building on your good work.
You will be an extremely hard act to follow.
Further Thanks
Robin Boon retires as Secretary after many years of keeping minutes, circulating agendas and answering correspondence. Thank you for all your hard work. We shall miss your quiet competence and sense of humour.
We also say goodbye Jan Stevenson, Fiona Manns and John Boyd who are also leaving the PCC. Many, many thanks for everything you have done over the years.
New Members
The PCC welcomes Terry Jones to the team.
Secretary Vacancy
Sandra Major has kindly offered to hold the fort by taking our minutes until another secretary can be found.
If you would like to join us on the PCC and take on this role, please let Jane know.


October’s rainfall total was 133.1mm, another wet one as this was about 60% more than the average expected. It was even wetter than last year when we had 122.5mm but we didn’t get the awful flooding that we saw then, possibly due to less of contribution from Wales. The 1st was a lovely day but rain started in the evening so 10.4mm was recorded against it and the rain continued heavily throughout the 2nd (19.3mm) and the 3rd (38.2mm) all due to a French named storm, Storm Alex, which rotated into us from over the channel. Subsequently, The Met Office said that the 3rd was the wettest day across the whole of the UK since records began in the 1890s. The rain continued until a brief respite from the 14th to the 18th before returning again to record some rain each day for the rest of the month, with 11.2mm and 12.3mm on the 24th and 25th being noteworthy, as was the unexpected very sharp and thundery hail shower we had on The Crews on the 25th. Halloween evening turned out to be mostly dry but quite windy. Sunny days in short supply then but the odd one we did get showed how good October can be with the sun showing off the autumn colours and the clear light giving stunning blue skies. Shame most of the month was rather miserable.

October 2020

Church News


 We have room to welcome all who want to come and worship with friends and neighbours.

Please respect social distancing and hand washing and masks but the rule of six does not apply at church services.

If cold or wet in the church (mask required)

If fine in the Garden of Remembrance (no mask required) – bring a chair

2nd Sunday Benefice Service by Zoom – please check the village website for the login and password.

Tuesdays Evensong at 5.30pm in the church.

Rector – David Howell  01989568736           

Church Warden – Jane Ayres  07989572356

There is now a QR code outside the church. If you have uploaded the Covid App you can scan it on your smartphone when you visit.

Sunday Nov 1st  Candlelight ALL SOULS SERVICE A quiet contemplative service to remember our loved ones. At Dusk, 4.30pm, in the Garden of Remembrance, weather permitting (if wet inside the church) Please wrap up warmly and bring a chair.

Nov 8th 10.45am Morning Service with Act of Remembrance and laying of wreath at our war memorial


Our Virtual Christmas Fayre kicks off on November 1st finishing on Saturday Dec 5th  10am to 2pm with a (Covid-safe)Table Sale in the Millennium Hall

All the old favourites and much more on line. Pay for individual games or why not buy a ticket for £5, £10, £20 and have a go at everything? Prizes and pre-ordered cakes available for collection at the Table Sale. See the enclosed flyer or watch the village website and Facebook page for more details.

Dec 12th and 13th Upton Bishop Walk through Christmas Story

Instead of our usual nativity play in the church, this year we will be performing a walk through Christmas experience. During your walk through the church yard in small groups, you will meet Mary and Joseph, Shepherds, Kings and Angels and even Father Christmas with a sack of presents for children.

Timed tickets for groups of six or less will be available from Jane Ayres. There is no charge for the Walk Through Christmas, but donations are always very welcome.

Anyone who would like to help or take part as an actor please contact Jane.

Christmas Week Carol Singing

We cannot go door to door this year, but a small group of singers will be out and about leading a door step carol in the week before Christmas.

Come to your door like you did to clap for the NHS and join in with a verse of Hark the Herald.  Look out for times and places that will be advertised in the December Chimes.

Donations by BACS or bucket will go the The Ross Larder.

The Ross Larder is always grateful for your gifts but have asked that we do not donate random groceries especially not Christmas items. These often do not meet the needs of their clients.

Please leave gifts in the designated collecting points at the Ross supermarkets or at the back of the church.

 The following items are always needed 


Tea or coffee

Tinned meat

Tinned fish

Tinned fruit

Tinned custard or rice puddings

Longlife milk

Washing up liquid (NEVER bleach)

Soap/shower gel

Toilet rolls

They DO NOT need sanitary towels or baked beans!

Please be generous: plenty of people who never imagined they would have to use the Community Larder have recently fallen on hard times.

Thank you.

Our Favourite Trees

We are on the hunt for Upton Bishop’s favourite trees. Please send us photos of the top trees in the village. They can be from your garden, a neighbour’s garden or from our fields and hedgerows. Here’s an apple tree in full bloom: just looking forward to spring! Visit the UB website or Facebook page to join in and to admire the trees that have already been posted. Don’t forget to check in on the Not Open Gardens and the Virtual Pet Show in the Village Life section.

Village News

Millennium Hall – to book the hall ring Jane Pendlebury on 01989 780763

200 CLUB – Draw for:

October – £20 Fiona Simpson – £10 Geraldine Hulme – £5 Martin and Linda Bromley

Best wishes to Elisabeth Fanshawe following her recent operation and to everyone who is not too well at present and to those of you who are awaiting hospital appointments.

Welcome to the Withers family who have recently moved into the village.

THE GREAT UPTON BISHOP CHRISTMAS BAKE OFF from lst November – for everyone who likes making and eating cakes

 We can’t have our normal Christmas Fayre but we can still have a virtual cake and produce stall. To take part you just need to tell us what cake (or cakes) you would like to make and/or buy and we will match bakers with buyers. You can make a big fancy cake, cupcakes, a tray bake or savoury bites.  But don’t make them until we have identified a buyer. For Christmas you might want to pledge a chocolate log, mince pies or even a fruit cake which the buyer could ice ready for the festive season.

We’ve already had pledges of a lemon drizzle, a Victoria sponge and some bara brith and we know there are lots of bakers in the village just itching to make gorgeous creations.

A full list of the cakes will be on the website and published on Facebook. Cakes can be reserved by commenting on our Facebook posts or through the comment form on the website or by emailing Jane Fray or phoning her on 01989 780383.

Buyers will be put in contact with bakers to arrange collection. If anyone is shielding and is unable to collect we can help out.

The cake sale will run for a number of weeks starting from 1st November, so you can make or buy more than one. We are also accepting donations of jam, marmalade, mincemeat and other preserves.

Each cake or pot of jam will come with a suggested minimum donation price. Donations to be made if possible via BACS to:

  • Upton Bishop PCC, Sort code 30-90-89, account no 37440160.

If you are unable to bank online cash, or cheques made out to Upton Bishop PCC, can be placed in a sealed envelope and posted through Peter Fanshawe’s door at Melrose, The Crews, HR9 7UF.

COVID CHEER – The tree by The Old Stores will once again be very festive with baubles from lst December when the lights are turned on.  If you would like to put a bauble on the tree in memory of a loved one or simply for fun please do.  The baubles must be shatterproof and firmly fixed to the branch of the tree. Please collect your baubles from the tree by Epiphany on the 6th January, otherwise they will be removed.  Everyone is very welcome to join in from the parish of Upton Bishop and the surrounding area.  Please contact Jane on 780383 for more information.

What’s on at the Millennium Hall – For all information on events and classes, dates, times etc please check this out in the Chimes Directory.  All subject to government guidelines.

Rainfall Report from Rob the Rainman

September’s rainfall total was 22.5mm, about a third of the average expected. The first autumn month but in fact September did a better job of summer than August did, at least for the first 3 weeks. A drop of rain on the second and then it was dry until the autumn equinox on the 22nd. And not only dry but really rather pleasant as well and from the 14th a real summer spell with temperatures well into the 20s. The weather broke on the equinox and this presaged a change to more autumnal weather with much cooler days and a bit unsettled.

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